It’s been quite a while since I posted, not due to lost interest, but rather to the legal course I was taking requiring all my energies. I’m finished now, and it will be interesting to see what comes of this new pathway. ūüôā In the meantime, I decided to jump into NaNoWrimo. This is myContinue reading “NaNoWrimo”


So I’m reading a book. Actually, since last writing about books here I’ve gone through around twenty, but this one seems fitting for the blog. I’d never heard of Sophie Sabbage before this year, nor her first book about coming to terms with a terminal cancer diagnoses. Not to be flippant but I have alwaysContinue reading “Lifeshocks”

Appreciation: Presenting what Presents

Have returned from a trip, and from writing elsewhere about the trip in a way that surprised even myself. It all just poured through like sunshine, first thing in the morning…

The Singing Gecko – Part 2

Most adults with ‚Äúserious responsibilities‚ÄĚ find it hard to relax, to allow ourselves to open up and play with life. Perhaps that‚Äôs why we remember the moments in which we do so clearly. Having shared the early stages of my romance with awareness in Part 1, this tale becomes more fun. At some point IContinue reading “The Singing Gecko – Part 2”

Sagacity + Love = Serendipity?

It took a conspiracy of happenings, bridging many years and changes, connections, and impossible odds, to bring such a situation about, fueled by a mysterious energy. 

changing on stage

Some of you may have noticed I keep changing my themes and formats for this blog.¬† This is because I myself am still in a somewhat intense period of learning and shape-shifting.¬† All of us have many aspects.¬† In different mediums, with different others, we take on different expressions.¬† I happen to change a lot,Continue reading “changing on stage”