I had an insight about the end of my marriage recently, while musing with notions of sexuality and gender in a way I wouldn’t have before this year: iI realized that when my then husband became a father, he suppressed feminine aspects. A playful and flirty man who could be flexible and gentle, creatively communicative,Continue reading “Interplays”

Quest Modeling

Although I originally subscribed to the newsletter How to Save the World because I was researching a project the writer was involved in, I came to appreciate his writing and sincerity. His awakening has felt to parallel mine at times: starting off with a strong desire to seed change in the world, then with deeperContinue reading “Quest Modeling”

The Pronoun Post – Gender, Identity, Shape-shifting, and Source (looking forward, 2019)

I dreamed that I was aware of looking a certain way, a certain gender, to others interacting with me. Yet “I” was deep down. I knew they couldn’t see/hear me through conceptions of what I, and therefore my life, was supposed to mean according to my gender, on the surface.