The Singing Gecko, a Story – Part 1

I can’t believe the story I’m about to share took place over ten years ago – so much has happened since then!  But this is still a special story for me, because it happened at a pivot point in my spiritual exploration, just as I was becoming a more focused practitioner. The curtains open to…

What’s in a Name?

“Smile Lines”, which this site had been named until today, is the closest I’ve come to keeping a blog that balances both inward and outward expressions. I like writing here, yet am still in the daily tweaking stages, feeling my way deeper and deeper.

Serious Serendipity

Perhaps everyone has spots of luck in their life, some bright cards to play.

Sharing the Important Things

After a long conversation with a fellow in the neighborhood, I ran to my keyboard to write about the disconnected thoughts and questions it evoked. 

Sharing Secrets

Tempting title, right?  But really what I want to share is an indulgence in my life, something I hide in plain view…

Finding the Natural Course

It must be quite hard for people who have not had to revisit much of their psychology, to understand those like me…


I wish I could show you, When you are lonely or in darkness, The Astonishing Light  Of your own Being.” – Hafiz


Although I usually feel fairly vulnerable in the world when I compare myself to others, or more so compare myself to the ideas my younger self had about what I might become…

Sagacity + Love = Serendipity?

It took a conspiracy of happenings, bridging many years and changes, connections, and impossible odds, to bring such a situation about, fueled by a mysterious energy. 

being on time

“Don’t worry about blooming late or early, just bloom. There were things you could not do before now, so it’s the perfect time.”