How Does Your Life Seem To You Now?

I’m laying on a heating pad, playing with a contemplative exercise a teacher I regard highly gave to a group years ago. I am one of two people in that group who actually did the exercise I think, much less two or three times. Each time was revelatory. It is a surprisingly radical act toContinue reading “How Does Your Life Seem To You Now?”

Waking from the Dream of Time

Recently, I’ve taken up practices associated with a book I’ve long been interested in, Time Space Knowledge (Tarthang Tulku). This happens every few years, that I begin anew with the book as though opening up forgotten passageways between ‘my’ world and a sometimes hidden place… not as an act of will but as though thereContinue reading “Waking from the Dream of Time”

On Being a Friend

I have learned something uncomfortable-but-transformative about my capacity to be a friend this week. It is this: I don’t believe enough. I’m fortunate to know many expressive people, some of whom are successful at enacting their dreams and visions in the world, most in less sure stages of development. There are people so clear aboutContinue reading “On Being a Friend”

true form

I’ve finally reached the point in therapy where we talk about present challenges. Although up to now there has been present application, such as talking about work life and not allowing mental “issues” to undo or undermine present intentions, almost always we end up back with childhood conditioning and trauma. We mostly acknowledge those things,Continue reading “true form”

One year-ish later…

My goodness, it’s been nearly a year since I’ve written here! Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but I didn’t mean to drop the blog altogether. Whisper: I’ve written a journal which amounts to a small book in that time (roughly 50,000 words now), mischievously titled How to be Estranged. I may share pieces of itContinue reading “One year-ish later…”