Books highlighted here left a strong/meaningful imprint on my life,
rather than being a list of books read.

Loved and Notable – 2019

Top Books – 2018

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Talking with a friend, I described reading Buried Rivers as meditative, which they found perplexing. How could it be? But as a contemplative, and a meditation teacher for many years, Ellen Korman Mains is acutely attuned to fine details, allowing the reader to walk with her along the streets of Poland, breathing in the atmosphere and out the questions that arise. Most of the questions that arise are appropriately, unanswerable. Thus, traveling with Ellen broke my heart, but also imparted into that broken heart a profound and lasting gift.

Beyond No Self: Blog Post
Beautifully read, on
Another classic I read finally,
and am ready to read again and again.
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