Much of today was spent pacing, not bodily, but in my mind, going over and over the state of the world, circling around the same points over and over again, watching tiktok videos so as not to feel alone. It occurs to me that I often spend the first days of any crisis this way, taking in information until something says, “Enough.”

By the end of the night I was looking for a way pull away from the circling and get ready to sleep, when a video unrelated to war popped up. @yourdailywritingprompt asks a few questions to quickly “go write about”, which I did.

(His Q, my A)
What is the strongest emotion you have felt in the last 24 hours? Sadness
If you were a piece of food, what would you be? Pear
If you were a time of day, what would you be? 7am
What do you miss? Forest
What sound do you love? Wind in trees

(What I wrote)

He asked
More questions
Than anyone I’d
Met –
Or known

To me ramble on
About visions


And that one sexy line in
Time Problem –
About the House of Pears

We stayed

Floated for hours
in the lake
near Zendo Forest

Through several
Changes in wind
And countless shifts

Of mood

Elated in awe, then
Plunged into melancholy
like the branches

Over our heads

Eventually accepting

It was always
Going to be



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