Waking from the Dream of Time

Washington State, 2021

Recently, I’ve taken up practices associated with a book I’ve long been interested in, Time Space Knowledge (Tarthang Tulku).

This happens every few years actually, that I begin anew with the book as though opening up forgotten passageways between ‘my’ world and a sometimes hidden other place… not as an act of will but as though there is a knock from the other side, letting me know special visitors are arriving.

TSK is not what most would call an accessible book; the language is particular and rooted in deep wisdom traditions and histories not actively explained within the text. I don’t think this is meant to exclude, but rather to allow in anyone who can ‘arrive without traveling’, whether they have studied contemplatively for decades or not at all. Being there itself means something about capacity to travel the course.

For me, there is an immediate expansiveness and freedom I encounter when even considering the book. Rather than something to be learned, I often experience it as a labyrinth or glass fun house in which slight shifts this way and that might open incredible vistas, seeing not with eyes but actually via that distinctive awareness capacity. The phrase ‘focal settings’ is used often in the text, which has become less visual and more of an embodiment over time, diamond-like yet subtle.

There is the theme of levels as well, which is meant in part to help one recognize when they might be leaning on less effective sources of energy, a la “You can’t get there from here.” One must drop agendas and receptively just be… appreciatively, playfully to have a chance at glimpsing… what.

Well, I can’t say. My suspicion though, is that this is about, as my title suggests, waking from the dream of time— not merely by experiencing flow states, but actively inviting, one might say activating, timeless ways of reality.

One day the passageways may simply stay open… no waiting for the knock.

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I write about virtual worlds, meditation, inquiry and play!

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