Beyond belief systems

So I’m driving along when it hits me: “Belief systems are effects, not causes; everyone has the wrong end of the stick.”

I think the paradigm of the last decade or so has been that by getting at one’s belief systems — programming packages from childhood and current environmentand examining, exposing, continuously and consciously replacing outdated thinking with new… that everything about one’s life can change.

And there has been all this attention, in political circles especially, toward challenging the thinking of people (including selves) by consciously out-reasoning or ‘speaking one’s truth’. A lot of us are giving up on changing or opening others’ thinking by ‘argument’ now, aware that thanks to media filters, we are truly living in entirely separate universes.

So perhaps the only thing left to do, is go deeper.

When I think about my own belief systems for instance, they are about resonance, before anything else. I’m drawn to listening to teachings that feel like music to me, that charge my outlook energetically. I’m drawn to people who remind me of what I want to be, and be doing, in the world. For instance it was a tiny photo embedded in a random article about deportations, in which I saw people sitting at a small desk in the airport, processing stacks of papers, that sent me back to school for paralegal training.

The beliefs are not irrelevant, but they are not *first*, and there has always been a sense of not quite hitting the right spot, when trying to get at things by working with past traumas (and realizing great limitations can be traumatic!) in some logical way. Things like EFT Tapping and Myofascial Release have shown me how much more effective it is, to go deeper than thinking, then deeper than even ‘patterns of thinking’, in other words: belief systems. Meditation has always been about this too, but personally I was too disconnected from BODY for a long time.

Anyway, just some thoughts this Saturday morning as I get ready to move my body outside into the uncharacteristically GORGEOUS weather.

>much love<

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