“If We Started at the End” – a poem

Poem written with the Play-as-Being group in mind, for our 10th Anniversary.

If We Started at the End

If we started at the end

perhaps this is a beginning

Perhaps this very celebration

Is an Original Prayer

playing as culmination

Our shared ritual of


Flashing in, flashing out

Of existence










Could you see,

the ‘true person of no rank’

always coming in and going out?










What about now?


His suitcase is full

of elaborate costumes

Sad mask, happy mask

Dragon tails

Sunshine and storm clouds

play across his face


Offering magic

to our time

Amazed am I

Am I?


The scene keeps changing

alterations happen,

Appreciation overwhelms

Wild open hearts suddenly

leap out

Let the stories lag

behind the Knowing.


**With thanks & apologies to Shodo Harada, Rinzai

Published by StephC

I write about virtual worlds, meditation, inquiry and play!

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