What’s in a Name?

“Smile Lines”, which this site had been named until today, is the closest I’ve come to keeping a blog that balances both inward and outward expressions. I like writing here, yet am still in the daily tweaking stages, feeling my way deeper and deeper.

A few weeks ago, I played with opening yet another site, choosing a name that brought enthusiasm to a few familiar with a special story in my life, “Singing Gecko.” Then I saved the option to upgrade the site for later.  And today, when an email arrived to remind me, I thought, “Well first I should upgrade Smile Lines.”  So did that.

Except that I didn’t.

Perhaps by happy accident of the sort I’ve been musing on lately in posts about serendipity, I changed the name of this blog instead! And sure, I could follow up with WordPress and undo or redirect, but actually I feel very good about it, as though I have an invisible collaborator.

It feels like a blessing, and when I write and post the story about the gecko soon, you’ll see why.  🙂



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