Qualities was the key word for the meditative workshop, beginning with “one quality that (you think) describes you.” People around the room gave words like “kind” and “loving” and “creative.” Mine was curious, although after saying so, I thought “inquisitive” would have been more accurate. This was an ice breaker before a time of meditation.

Next we were asked a few deceptively easy questions like, “What makes you happy?” and “What makes you sad?” Again some answers were shared, that blended together.

bamboo1(what makes me happy? bamboo)

The third question was the one to reach my sweet spot. It was about a figure that has inspired, and the qualities they manifest, one would like to develop. I surprised myself by choosing P, although it is S I consider my ‘heart teacher’. But what sprang to mind was P’s spontaneity, his lack of embarrassment, his overall joyfulness.

That phrase from the Heart Sutra is his favorite after all, “no hindrance, no fear.”

Singling out this one person then tapped into a fountain of many many others who have been amazing friends and guides along the way, which gave a strong impression of Life having made big, bold investments. How could I not believe my own value, in the face of such generosity?

This question wasn’t shared or talked about in the group. The rest of the presentation and meditations were insightful, well articulated. I liked everything overall. There are a few question marks, considering that the they present themselves as as community without gurus, led by women, but we faced a large, golden framed picture of a male figure on the wall. I felt less comfortable with that, than with the simple  sunburst style painting we’ve been meditating with as our object these weeks, at the public library.

When I left the workshop I felt simply – good – not supercharged, although, to use a trendy term, life was vibrating at a pretty high frequency. 🙂


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